How are Altona Students Sleeping?


We sent out a survey earlier this week asking students “what time do you go to bed during the week?”  We received 382 responses (survey results are below) and wanted to share this data with you, as well as some facts and resources around pre-teen/teenage brain development and sleep.  Here are a couple of important points to consider:

  • The brain develops considerably during the pre-teen and teenage years.  

    • The speed at which cognitive brain development occurs during puberty is second only to that of the first year of a child’s life.

  • Preteen/teens need 9 – 10 hours of sleep per night as the brain develops during sleeping.

    • For the average Altona student who wakes up at 7 am for school:

      • 35.1% of the students who responded to the survey do not get the required hours of sleep per night.

      • 45.9% of the responding students are getting the the minimum amount of sleep per night.

  • Electronics should be turned off 1 hour before bed to allow for maximum sleep.  Sometimes having a check in location at home for electronics can ensure students are not taking devices to bed.



Resources for you:

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