Parent & Community Involvement

Parent & Community Involvement

Parent, guardian, and family engagement is important in supporting the success of our students. Accordingly, there are many ways for our families to get involved with our school.

Altona Parent and Community Leadership Team

The Altona Parent & Community Leadership Team’s purpose is to create a meaningful partnership between parents, our community, and Altona staff and students.  This group will focus on the following areas:

  • Providing input and feedback to Altona administration regarding school level practices, including school accountability. The School Accountability Team will review the Altona Unified Improvement Plan (UIP). For the 2022-23 school year, Altona received a Performance Plan rating on the School Performance Framework. As a result, a new UIP for the 2022-23 school year is not needed.
  • Brainstorming and exchanging ideas regarding the current and future vision of the school
  • Strengthening community involvement (fundraising, networking, staff appreciation events, conference meals, etc)
  • Ensuring student success

Volunteer Information

At Altona Middle School we welcome volunteers in our building to support our students and staff. All volunteers who work at Altona need to serve and adhere to the volunteer policy outlined by the SVVSD Board of Education Policy IJOC. All volunteers will be supervised by a sponsoring staff member and adhere to all SVVSD policies. Prior to volunteering, all applicants must complete the application form below.

When a group or business applies to volunteer at Altona Middle School, they will be asked to provide a clear academic purpose for volunteering during a meeting with the administration. Groups and businesses may not market or advertise their organization in any way while volunteering at Altona.

Occasionally concerns and/or grievances may arise in the course of a volunteer performing duties. Concerns will be brought to the supervising staff member and then to administration to determine what action should be taken, and/or if this individual or group will be allowed to continue to volunteer.

If you would like to volunteer, please read this disclaimer and complete the application below.
As a volunteer, I give the St. Vrain Valley School District assurance that I will comply with the following:

  • I will be professional and dependable in my volunteer activities
  • I will comply with applicable laws, district policies, and school rules
  • I will not be asked to perform services that allow access to students’ personal or educational information
  • I will be under the supervision of a licensed staff member
  • Unless otherwise approved, I will not provide transportation to students in my personal vehicle
  • I understand that any time prior to and during my volunteer service, St. Vrain Valley School District reserves the right to complete a background investigation.
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