Connected Learning

In November, our teachers were asked to spend time in each other’s classrooms to observe and learn.  Each teacher observed multiple teachers from like and unlike disciplines.  Some of our teachers even chose to go outside of Altona and learn from educators from other schools.  Our staff reflected together and had some amazing takeaways from this opportunity.  They focused on a variety of good teaching practices around management, creating focused and on-task student conversations, using technology to engage and enhance learning, providing transitions in class and more.   As I reflect on the benefit of this opportunity, I realize that one of the ways we can best improve teaching is by seeing great teaching in action.  Therefore, the challenge is how can we continue this type of learning and sharing throughout the school year.  

Last night I was reading another chapter from the Innovator’s Mindset and the idea was shared to create a hashtag for learning in your school.  We could regularlly contribute to this place to share what we are doing in our classrooms.  Today, I created the twitter hashtag #amslearns.  I’m going to encourage our staff to begin to share and build this place to showcase learning.  Who knows, perhaps our students will join in, too.

I believe it is critical for us as educator’s to model learning by reflecting regularly and creating connected networks to learn from each other.  This is one small way we can begin to create a connected learning network at our school.  Often times we are pretty isolated and it is easy to get lost within our own classroom or school.  #amslearns will be a way for us to connect to each other a little easier at school.  #svvsdlearns is a great way for educators in St. Vrain to connect. 


Altona Middle School