Free, reduced-price meal applications available for the 22-23 school year

St. Vrain Valley Schools’ department of Nutrition Services provides quality, nutritious, and well-balanced meals for all students across the district. Due to the expiration of federal pandemic waivers, there will be a cost to school meals for the 2022-2023 school year.

All families who believe they may qualify for free or reduced-price meals are encouraged to fill out an application before August 16 to avoid fees and/or charges upon the start of the school year. Applications are continuously accepted and processed throughout the school year and families are invited to apply or reapply at any time. In addition to receiving school meals at no cost, families receive benefits including fee waivers for school and preschool programming, and discounts on SAT and ACT exams and college applications, utilities and internet service, and participation in community organizations like sports or YMCA programs. 

St. Vrain schools also benefit when families submit their free or reduced-price meal applications. Schools receive an increase in federal dollars for student and classroom support, school programs during and after-school, preschool programs, technology, and additional snacks and meals at no cost to all families outside of normal school hours.

The application is completely confidential and not shared with any other agency or organization.

Altona Middle School