Those who can, teach.

Behind our history's greatest moments, those who could, changed our world.

Humanity has forever been shaped by the educators who have inspired hearts and minds throughout our history. Behind our history’s greatest moments, those who could changed the world. All because those who can, teach.

Message from the Superintendent

Dear St. Vrain Valley Community,

There is no more noble and important profession in our society than that of our educators. With over 90% of our nation’s children attending a public school, it is our teachers and staff, in partnership with parents and families, who are shaping the future of our world. 

When I walk through our schools and see so many incredible achievements, I am continually reminded of the talent, dedication, and care with which our teachers and staff support and nurture the outstanding growth and success of our students. Despite great challenges, they have been extremely resilient, innovative, creative, compassionate, and unwavering in their commitment to the success of each and every student. In St. Vrain, I truly believe we have the greatest teachers in the world, and I could not be more proud to serve alongside all of them in advancing excellence for our students, schools, and community. 

At the close of this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week, please join me in recognizing our outstanding educators and staff for all that they do to champion the success of our students and schools.

Thank you,
Don Haddad, Ed.D.

Teachers Shaping the Future

Chelsea Rickman, First Grade Teacher at Longmont Estates Elementary School, is shaping her students’ futures by providing them with foundational learning skills.

Kyle Liss, Orchestra Teacher at Frederick High School, is shaping his students’ futures by inspiring their deep love of music.

Monica Moreno-Martinez, STEM Teacher at Longs Peak Middle School, is shaping her students’ futures by sparking their curiosity and fostering STEM exploration.

Amber Vanzant, Special Education Teacher at Mead High School, is shaping her student’s futures by creating joy and connection.

Alex Downing, STEM Teacher at Indian Peaks Elementary School, is shaping her student’s futures by inspiring the next generation of engineers and leaders.

Josh Walker, Science Teacher at Trail Ridge Middle School, is shaping his student’s futures by nurturing relationships and student engagement.

Congratulations to Danny Hernandez, STEM Teacher at Westview Middle School for being recognized as the 2022 Education Foundation Teacher of the Year.

Stapp Inspires Educator Highlights

Inspiring Educators, Inspiring Stories

Every month, Stapp Toyota honors a St. Vrain Valley Schools teacher with a surprise visit from the Mobile Innovation Lab, and recognition for their outstanding dedication and support of our students. Recent honorees include: Laurie Rayhill, Katie Saenz, Shaun Manzanares, Erin Maldoff, Andres Garcia Mares, Cleveland Smith, and Ally Krupansky.

Altona Middle School