Student Responsible Use of Social Media

Thank you for your continued partnership and support as we advance the well-being of our students and the safety of our school communities. Toward this end, we have some important information to share with our families to best support our students’ responsible use of social media. 

When used appropriately, social media can be a helpful tool for students to express themselves, network and connect with peers, access news and events, and have an outlet for sharing creative work. However, when social media is not used responsibly or with good intentions, it can be incredibly harmful and disruptive. We are sharing this information so parents and families can speak with their children regarding the potentially serious consequences of social media and to engage students in conversations about healthy and responsible social media use. Below are a number of resources that can assist with guiding these conversations:

Please know that in order to maintain safe school environments for all of our students, teachers, staff, and community, we will not tolerate any form of behavior that harms any individual or causes disruption to our schools, and will address these actions accordingly. 

If you would like any additional support or resources regarding social media and responsible internet use, please reach out to your child’s school counselor. Again, thank you for your attention to this matter and continued support.

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