Safety Update for Altona Middle School

Dear Altona Community,

The ongoing safety and well-being of our students is paramount. Toward this end, I am writing to communicate with you regarding a serious incident that occurred on our campus, outside of the west doors involving a single distressed student who was in possession of a knife. As soon as the incident was reported, our School Resource Officers and other local law enforcement responded immediately and all other students were moved out of the area and into the building quickly to ensure their safety. 

During this incident, the lone student involved did not incur any serious injuries and no other students were involved and/or injured. The school remained on Secure status for approximately 80 minutes while law enforcement supervised the scene and provided support to the student involved. Please click here for additional information from Longmont Public Safety . As a reminder, during Secure status, students remain inside the school building and exterior doors and windows are locked and secured while classroom activities continue uninterrupted, supervised by our teachers and staff. 

Again, student safety is our highest priority and I would like to thank and commend our students, teachers, and staff for following all safety protocols. I would also like to thank Longmont Public Safety for their quick response. Our strong partnerships with our local law enforcement agencies have a tremendous impact on supporting student safety and well-being. 

We understand that this may have been distressing for some of our students and staff.  Therefore, this afternoon and tomorrow, counselors and a crisis response team will be made available to assist students and staff in processing this incident. If you or your student have any questions or would like additional support regarding today’s events, please contact me directly at 720-494-3980.

Jeremy Lacrosse

Altona Middle School