Superintendent’s Update: Continuing to Advance Excellence Across Our Community

St. Vrain Valley Schools is accelerating into the new academic year with tremendous momentum as we continue to advance high-quality learning for all of our students. With so much to celebrate from the past year, the 2019-2020 school year promises to be an even greater moment in St. Vrain’s history.
As our students today are entering a complex, highly competitive workforce, unlike anything previous generations have experienced, it is essential that we provide them with the knowledge, skill, ingenuity, confidence, and capacity to advance and compete on a global scale. Toward this end, St. Vrain Valley Schools has transformed and advanced our education system to one which is characterized by extremely rigorous academics, including among the highest graduation requirements in the state, region, and nation, as well as a strategic, by design systemic approach to ensuring our students are engaged in complex problem solving, creative thinking, innovation, teamwork, and other critically important, essential skills.  As our world is changing and accelerating at exponential rates due to unprecedented technological developments, it is imperative that we as an education system, continue to advance accordingly.
We have so much to celebrate across our schools – none of which would be possible without the unwavering support of our community, including our parents, teachers and staff, business owners, elected officials and everyone who champions public education. It is through our strong partnerships that we are transforming public education for our children and our community’s future.
Our forward thinking approach of  providing a strong academic foundation, bolstered significantly with robust innovation, will provide our students the quality of education that ensures a strong competitive advantage, one which will open doors to numerous, incredible opportunities across our globe.
Across St. Vrain Valley Schools, we are taking public education by St. VrainStorm – our shared passion and commitment to advancing academic excellence and student success. Follow our #StVrainStorm hashtag on Twitter to see the outstanding achievements of our students, teachers, staff, and school. Additionally, this fall I will be hosting our annual open forums in each of our areas to share the many successes we have experienced and also to discuss our bold vision for continuing to advance public education in our community, state and nation. I hope to see everyone at one of these events so that we can personally thank you for everything that you do to support our students and schools. Together we are building a stronger future for our children and for Colorado.
Don Haddad, Ed.D.
Superintendent, St. Vrain Valley Schools

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