Student Drop Off and Pick Up

When coming to Altona to drop off or pick up students, please make sure to adhere to the follwoing guidelines  This ensures the safety of all of our staff and students!

  • If you will be dropping off your student at school, please enter through the south entrance to the school on Clover Basin Drive ONLY. Proceed straight ahead and use one of the two outside lanes for student drop off.  The middle lane is a thru lane intended to allow cars to continue out of the drop off area.  Please merge in carefully after your child exits the vehicle.  
  • Please pull as far forward as you can in the drop off lanes, to allow for other cars to come in behind you.
  • Please be careful at each crosswalk and stop for pedestrians crossing the drop off lanes.
  • Students walking to school or being dropped off on the street need to use a crosswalk or sidewalk.  Please do not cut through traffic.  
  • The main parking lot on the south side of the school (along Clover Basin Dr.) is for short term parking.  Please only enter here if you intend to park your car to pick up/drop off your student.  The entrance for this parking lot is accessed from the south entrance as well.
  • The northwest parking lot (along Grandview Meadows Dr.) is for staff parking and bus entrance only, and SHOULD NOT be used for student pickup/dropoff.  

Altona Middle School