6th Grade Registration Information

Do you have an incoming 6th grader to Altona for the 2016-17 school year?  If so, read on!

Math and Language Arts (Advanced vs. Standard):  These courses are assigned to students based on their assessment data (iReady, PARCC, teacher recommendations, etc.) and are done in house.  

Science & Social Studies:  These classes are assigned to all incoming 6th graders as there is only one option for students in each class.

Electives: These courses are student selected.  Students need to register for up to six (6) choices, selected by preference for the 6th grade year.  You can find information about each of the elective course options for students by clicking on the link below.  You can select the electives for your student by clicking on the link below.

**If your student attends Blue Mountain or Eagle Crest, the Altona counselors will be helping your student to select their choices on either May 6th (Eagle Crest) or May 9th (Blue Mountain).**

Electives Course Descriptions

Elective Course Selection Form

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