Altona Students Shine at the Dawson Summer Initiative

Each year, high-achieving current sixth and seventh grade students from Boulder County and surrounding area public schools apply to a five-week, thematically focused summer session.

  • Tuition-free opportunities for high-achieving students (currently in grades 6 & 7) to meet and work collaboratively with similarly motivated peers from many different schools
  • Intensive, accelerated pace of study
  • Extensive technological resources, including laser and 3D printers
  • Programs geared specifically toward high-achieving and highly motivated students
  • Exceptional teachers
  • Introduction and exposure to local and national enrichment resources

 Enrolled scholars create innovative and productive work that can lead to positive change in their communities, in the nation, and in our world through project-based, collaborative learning, leadership training, and development of creative ideas and solutions. 
 This past summer, Dawson Summer Initiative explored the impact of movement and transportation on our lives through On the MOVE: Transportation, Globalization, and Innovation.  Four Altona students (pictured below) participated in this wonderful event.  They are (from left to right): Carolyn Qiu, Advika Jayanti, Mark Xiong, and Jeffrey Hew.     

Altona Middle School