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Source to Sea Costa Rica

There were seventeen students, four from Altona, that accompanied Mr. LaCrosse, Ms. Campbell, and Mr. O’toole (district science coordinator) to Costa Rica in June on a science learning expedition to Costa Rica.  The focus of this trip was to study the ecosystems in the rainforest at the University of Georgia near the Monteverde Cloud rainforerest and all the way down through the dry forest ending up at the estuaries, intertidal zones and open ocean on the Pacific side near Guancaste Province.  The whole experience was captured on this blog.  Ms. Campbell is exploring a class idea for this upcoming year and beyond for 8th graders called Rockies to the Rainforest.  The hope would be to study the Costa Rica ecosystems from Longmont and connect with scientists and local students and organizations in Costa Rica throughout the school year.  Students will explore social entrepreneurship ideas to help support a future trip for themselves and local researchers and non-profit sustainability organizations in Costa Rica.  To learn more about this class, please contact Mr. LaCrosse by email at [email protected]The trip is a not a district or school sponsored trip, it was organized through Global Travel Alliance.

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