Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight



Mrs. Ramirez recommended that a Spotlight be shone on our wonderful counselor, Ms. Phillips. Ms. Phillips shows compassion for every student that comes through her doors or crosses her path.  She sincerely cares for each and every student’s emotional and academic well being. Mrs. Phillips also goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the parents of Altona. She always finds the time to assist when she can even when her plate is already full!  Please take a moment to listen to this podcast interview and learn more about someone who keeps Altona’s heart beating, Ms. Jennifer Phillips!


Mr. Platt has been enthusiastically nominated for the Staff Spotlight this month by Ms. Rodriguez!  According to Ms. Rodriguez, Mr. Platt creates an inclusive, welcoming unified PE class. He is always adapting and thinking about how all students can participate in the sports he is teaching. He has taken the initiative to get adaptive equipment that allows students of all abilities to participate. He exemplifies what it means to include everyone. He teaches his students how to work with all people, and always has a positive attitude. Congrats Mr. Platt!  Please listen to this interview conducted by the Altona Tech Squad to find out more about this long-time member of the Altona staff.





Ms. Carter requested we shine a spotlight this month on… the attendance secretary, Ms. Rosanna Ramirez! Ms. Ramirez joined Altona last year and astounded us from the beginning. She jumped in with both feet and has been rocking it ever since.  Her organizational skills are legendary; she will help anyone who asks. To top it off, Ms. Ramirez has a wonderful sense of humor and her work ethic is impeccable. We love having her as our “first window” person and are so lucky to have as part of the Altona team!

Please listen to this podcast interview to learn more about our wonderful Rosanna.


Ms. Apostolik wants to shine a spotlight on her partner in crime, Ms. Sarah Rodriguez!  Ms. Sarah strives to ensure that students with disabilities are included in the Altona community.  She organizes the Peer to Peer program, where students can choose, as their elective class, to mentor and tutor their peers with disabilities.  She also leads the Best Buddies program, where each student pairs up with another student for the year, outside of class, to develop meaningful relationships through ongoing individual and group social hang-outs.  Both of these programs shine brightly on all 6 pillars of the Altona Way! Listen to this interview to learn more about Ms. Rodriguez






 Laurie Carter Audio Interview

Laurie Carter

Laurie has been a valuable member of the Altona team for 10 glorious years.  She is well established as the “Funny Bone” of the building, always good for a joke and a big laugh especially when you most need it. As our registrar, she is also one of the organizational pillars of the school that keeps humming along as smoothly as it does. Please check out this podcast interview with Mrs. Carter to find out more about her! 



 Tanya Whitteker Audio Interview


Tanya is one of our fabulous paraprofessionals without which Altona would crumble to the ground!  She has worked at Altona for 5 years, assisting with students and teachers alike. She lately has taken on coaching a successful girls’ volleyball season and coming up shortly, the girls’ basketball season.  We are so pleased to shine a spotlight on Tanya this month!

December Staff Spotlight


  Kate Riddle audio interview

Kate Riddle is in her second year at Altona, and we are happy to shine a spotlight on her.  She teaches both 6th grade science and social studies; she also co-leads the Morning Academic Club (MAC) and the After School Academic Program (ASAP).  More importantly, however, is the relationships she forms with her students. Kate is known to have a deep respect for her students and a calming energy that her peers and her students appreciate very much.  Please listen to this podcast to find out more about our amazing faculty member, Ms. Kate Riddle!