Please see the handouts below for more information and about how to get started!

Early Start Flyer

Step it up Flier

All of the new, innovative programming for students at Altona is supported through our fundraising efforts.  All monies raised also help to reach all facets of our school programing, from electives, to core classes, to our clubs and sports, and the music programs.  Our student, parent and community support with this effort is always the key to our success.  Student's will be setting up an account with, creating an avitar and advertising to their friends and family about this opportunity.


If students sign up at, create an avitar and send out 12 emails, they will receive a pair of 3D goggles.  Our top 18 sellers (6 per grade) for this year will ride in a limo to the Village at the Peaks, where they will be treated as VIP's and receive a free lunch, compliments of Bad Daddy's Burgers!  We really appreciate our partnership with the new Village at the Peaks for helping us to create this awesome opportunity for our students.