Diction Defender Team Concludes Amazing Journey in Nashville

The Best in Nation Verizon App Winning Team concluded their amazing journey by presenting their App at the TSA Conference in Nashville in June.  The team consisted of Rachel Su, Advika Jayanti, Sterling Gardner, Jeffrey Hew, Carolyn Qiu and Mrs. Kelleher.  They spent countless hours working to develop the App ever since the announcement that they won Best in Nation back in February.  This team worked with a professional from M.I.T. to program the App the will be accessible on the Google Play store.

6th Grade Registration Information

Do you have an incoming 6th grader to Altona for the 2016-17 school year?  If so, read on!

Math and Language Arts (Advanced vs. Standard):  These courses are assigned to students based on their assessment data (iReady, PARCC, teacher recommendations, etc.) and are done in house.  

Science & Social Studies:  These classes are assigned to all incoming 6th graders as there is only one option for students in each class.

I Teach Because...

Think back to when you were a student, back-to-school shopping, finding your classroom, and the exciting lessons that would soon fill your day. The first day of school jitters that were calmed by the friendly, welcoming face, and celebrating the “ah ha” moments when you finally figured out how to solve the problem. Then there was the time in kindergarten, when you went to the restroom but couldn’t remember the way back to your classroom. As panic set in, that friendly face walked around the corner and they knew exactly where your classroom was.

Altona NJHS Information & Application

Do you have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5? If so, the Altona Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society would like to offer you the opportunity to become a member. The organization is well respected among administrators, faculty members, students, parents and residents of the school communities around the nation.

Altona Math Course Guide

Do you have questions about which course your student should take for math?  Or what the requirements are in each course?  Look no further...the PDF below outlines how students can move from math course to math course here at Altona, and also provides guidelines as to what students are expected know and be able to do in each course.  If you have any further questions about math courses at Altona, please contact the department head, Mrs. Lauren Rider at

Congrats to Altona's Geo Bee Team!

A big congratulations goes out to Altona's Geography Bee team who took second place in the district competition!  The team members and coaches (pictured below from left to right) are: Mr. Custis, Rubin Hochhauser, Tobin Gold, Greg James, David Zelibor, Arayman Singh, and Mr. Dillow.  Well done!!

Altona Teacher Wins the Eleanor Venture Travel Grant!

Altona's State Assessment Information for 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In advance of D.C. trip, Altona students salute Longmont veterans

One Altona Middle School student was moved to tears as she spoke with veterans from the Longmont American Legion's Honor Guard about their experiences in the military. Many others leaned forward, fascinated by what the vets had to say.

Wednesday morning, 10 veterans who accepted an invitation to speak to students introduced themselves to the eighth-graders in the school library, before the students were broken up into smaller groups and the vets rotated around the tables, answering any questions that the students fired at them.

Bolder Boulder (BB) Club Registration

See the information below on how to register for the upcoming Bolder Boulder race!  Also, there is a link to a parent letter outlining information about signing your student up.  Please contact our attendance clerk, Brooke Coder ( for more information.