STEM Explorers


STEM Explorers is a club for students that want to dive deep into research topics that they want to explore.  Students may choose to do their research on their own, with a partner or in a group.  We meet every Tuesday morning at 7:05 AM.  Ms. Demers and Mrs. Jakobsen are the co-advisors.  Ms. Campbell is also involved as we frequently use the IDEALab while working on our research.


Current topics include:

  • Critter Cam Crew = Students work on identifying animals from pictures taken with our trail camera.  This is a partnership with the Boulder County Parks & Open Space.  We started in October 2015 and we are working on a long-term trends analysis of how the animals are affected by the introduction of a gravel mine that will be developing north of our property along the St. Vrain River.
  • Coders = Students work on independent projects that involve coding. In the future, the Coders will collaborate and support other groups that need use coding in their research projects.
  • Mindstorm Engineers = Students work on independent projects that involve building with Mindstorm sets to prototype based on different ideas that the engineers have.
  • Rocket Scientists = Students work on designing their own rocket to test and improve upon.  Launches are scheduled through the IDEALab.
  • Alpine Hydrologists = Students work on solving problems involving water that need to be addressed in our unique alpine habitats.
  • Roller Coaster Physicists = Students are working in pairs to design, build and compete with roller coasters at a contest in May.
  • Electrical Engineers = Students are learning the skills needed to complete circuitry projects.


Below is the link for the Google Form for students to sign up for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science Sheep Lung Lab.