November 9, 2016 - Election Day! 


Who will win the election and become Headmaster of Altona?


Mrs. Haagensen's 6th grade Language Arts classses held elections for Lord of Altona! Characters from the Harry Potter series and the Hobbit ran for elected positions. The students learned about the election process. Various teams were assembled to hold such a successful election; Vice Candidate, Campaign Manager, Publicists, Speech Writers, and Political Aides. They met with experts from the community (including Stan Garnett, Boulder District Attorney and others) who came in to help coach the students. Political posters and buttons were made in the IDEALab, and activities culminated with the election and voting!



September 15, 2016

Ms. Kelleher's class prototypes wearable technology projects. Gloves, googles, jackets, tables, crowns, and other items are all being prototyped before actually building circuits and LED lights. During the prototyping phase, students try to implement their designs.


The orchestra surprised Ms. Campbell with birthday music!


"Looking back at my time in the IDEALab, I've had learning experiences on more extra curricular experience than anything else. I have learned how to 3d model, and how 3d printers operate. This is in addition to learning how to code microprocessors and solder electronics. The most important thing I learned in the Lab was how hard it is to do these things. Before I thought it was going to be easy to code, solder and wire. Now I know what to expect when I need to do stuff like this with electronics and software and also know how to do it."

-Zack Baker (student)




August 29, 2016

How can we design a better suitcase, luggage, or purse?


Chinese students from the Jiangxi Province have been traveling across America and came to visit Altona’s new IDEALab to try a design challenge on August 29, 2016. They experienced each step of the design process and prototyped their ideal luggage. Designs included jet packs, remote controls, purses, and propellers.

These students attend the JiuJiang International Language School. Their teacher, Ms. Che Beibei, teaches English and is the director of the school’s foreign affairs office.

Silver Creek’s Leadership Academy hosted the students. Ms. Ma, a former Altona/Silver Creek Chinese teacher, established the relationship between all 3 schools before returning to China a few years ago.